Fall 2021 Virtual Workshop

Job Search Strategies with Steve Dalton

UCDA Board Presents a Virtual Fall Workshop with Steve Dalton, author of the “2 Hour Job Search”, Speaker, Career Coach, and Program Director for Daytime Career Services at Duke University, as he presents a “Train the Trainer” presentation on job search strategies. 

In good and bad economies alike, the single hardest step of the modern job search is getting an interview.  The only predictable way to get an interview is through networking, but “networking” is frustratingly vague advice.  How exactly do you network so that it leads to interviews?

In this workshop, The 2-Hour Job Search author Steve Dalton and Duke MBA career coach offers an exact process – rather than a series of tips – for effectively turning strangers into advocates, leading to more internal referrals and more job interviews. This session proposes an efficient alternative to hopelessly applying to online job postings. The 2-Hour Job Search turns “networking” into a finite and repeatable recipe.

To create this recipe, Dalton drew upon the latest science ranging from behavioral economics to operations theory to social psychology to split networking into its three component parts: prioritizing targets, contacting employees, and recruiting advocacy. Each will be discussed in turn to help job seekers harness free and simple technology to get the right job faster, and attendees will leave the session knowing exactly what they need to do next.

Friday, November 12th @ 9-10:30 am MST

This event is FREE for UCDA Members!  Non-UCDA Member cost is $15.

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