Current Conference Information


UCDA – Conference Has Been Postponed!

We are sad to announce that we will be postponing the UCDA Conference scheduled on April 3rd at the Davis Tech Main Campus.   We want to support good public health practice and support the new requirements and recommendations of the higher education community and the public sector as it relates to COVID-19.   Finally, we also want to thank Thurl Bailey for his willingness to work with us as well to meet these new recommendations.

We anticipate that we will postpone the conference to the summer or early fall.  Any new information will be posted on the website and follow-up sent by email.   We are currently working with Eventbrite for the cancelation notice and refund process.  Any travel arrangement including hotel cancellations should be handled by each individual.

Thank you for your support, stay tuned in for future information!

Best Wishes,

UCDA Executive Board